Elsewhat is a production studio based out of Chennai & Los Angeles. We create captivating commercials, transcendent music videos, emotionally charged films, revealing documentaries, and immersive AR/VR experiences through multimodal storytelling.

What else?

Domiciled within the framework of Elsewhat,  we aspire to challenge perceptions, traditions and worn-out socio-cultural narratives, thereby crafting authentic and exploratory content that mirrors the vibrant tapestry of our global community.  

Beyond entertainment, we invite you on a journey of discovery to imagine, empathize, and celebrate the abundance found in and within all that surrounds us.

Who else?

We are a vibrant community of perpetual thinkers, versatile storytellers, dynamic designers and badass producers, ceaselessly hunting for better. Our creatives specialize in projects with socio-cultural impact, leading initiatives on both local and global scales from branded content to documentary realms bringing narratives to life with authenticity and flair.

How else?

We thrive in the intersection of design thinking and state-of-the-art technology to present stories that are authentic, innovative, honest, with a lasting impression.

With a special focus on multicultural content for multigenerational audiences, Elsewhat endeavors to create human experiences that resonate across space, time and culture, that manages to stir hearts despite all differences.

Where else?

From the glitz of Hollywood to the farthest corners of the globe, everyone holds a story waiting to be uncovered.  

Our pursuit is unending, as we seek out new journeys, unearth  those untold stories and amplify voices that have far too often been muted or reduced to mere noise.

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