Line Up | Upcoming Projects in the Pipeline
Umbrellas of the Acrobats | Documentary
As the nomadic family's century-old circus in South India faces an uncertain future, 9-year-old misfit Vijay grapples with a tough decision: preserve the fading legacy and reunite with his beloved pony or join his sister's quest for a better life outside the circus.
Kalyani Kadhalan | Feature
In the village of Annaandhupaar, a self-proclaimed godman tricks the villagers into getting a skeptical young man married to a donkey under the guise of a superstition, decreeing that they live as a family for a period of thirty days.
Blue Bird | Feature
When a seemingly perfect romance takes an otherworldly turn & the girl mysteriously vanishes, our protagonist embarks on a mind-bending journey through a surreal realm determined to keep them apart. As parallel narratives unfold—two agents racing against time to neutralize a deadly computer virus & a streamer delving into the secrets of a long-lost video game.
A Summer Breeze | Feature
An estranged teenage boy pursues to find his identity and sense of belonging when his parents’ marriage starts falling apart. The three family members fight their own battles - within and between them, while they try their best to stay together. Each of them finds their own purpose and reason for them being a family – by forgiving & accepting each other for who they truly are.